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Combining Business Consultancy with Content Creation, Traditional and Digital Marketing.
What Does Hippo Media Group offer?

The best Content, Digital, and Traditional Media Consultants.

Content Creation

Photography, Videography, Licensed Drone Pilots, Graphic Design, Website Creation, Copywriting, AI Image, AI Video, and more!

Digital Innovation

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, Podcast, Over The Top Television (OTT), and more!

Traditional Marketing

Television, Radio, Print, Direct Mail,
Outdoor Advertising, and more!

Business Consultants

You cannot manage what you do not measure, and we specialize in providing the necessary insights for effective business oversight.


AutoROI, Cookie Tins, CRM Boosters, Vehicle Listing Ads, VIN - Adwords - Display, Advanced Automotive Social, and Digital Finance / Parts Solutions.

...and more!

Connected Television, Geo Fencing, Geo Framing | Blueprinting, Advanced Retargeting, AI Chat.

Why The Purple Hippo?

The question we most frequently encounter is 'Why are you named Hippo Media Group?

Click the button below to learn more about Hippo Media Group, including our origins, why we are called Hippo Media Group, and as always much more.

Embracing the Future at Hippo media group

Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning here in 2024.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our website. As you continue through our site, you will notice that we have fully embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning, utilizing it throughout. Click here to read our article, and we are curious to know your thoughts.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the leading force in transforming businesses for the digital age, where creativity meets strategy to drive unparalleled growth and success. By harnessing the power of innovative media solutions, we aim to empower businesses across diverse industries to achieve their fullest potential, making Hippo Media Group synonymous with digital excellence and transformative results.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide bespoke media and marketing solutions that elevate businesses to new heights. Through a unique blend of strategic consultancy, cutting-edge content creation, and comprehensive digital marketing services, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace. By building close partnerships, we aim to deliver results that not only meet but exceed expectations, driving growth, enhancing brand visibility, and creating lasting impact.

The Verticals We Serve

Automotive Industry
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Other industries
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Hippo Media Group is focused on three main verticals, Automotive, Outdoor, and Home Services.

As you can see below, we also serve a wide range of other verticals that together comprise the entirety of the Hippo Media Group’s portfolio of clients.

Home Services
How it Works

The Hippo I.D.E.A

Idendify Needs

Initial Free Consultation: Meet with Hippo's Team to Start Defining Solutions

Define Solutions

Define the solutions with the Hippo team and start executing campaigns.

Execute Campaigns

Execute the campaigns, measure their effectiveness, and adjust accordingly.

Adjust Accordingly

Once the campaigns begin, we track everything to ensure that your needs are being met.

Timely and Transparent Communication

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You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
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