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Welcome to Hippo Media Group’s AutoROI, where we transform the art of automotive sales into a precise science. Our groundbreaking algorithm leverages comprehensive data analysis from every corner of the internet where your inventory is listed, ensuring your vehicles are positioned to sell. No more relying on guesswork or fragmented insights from biased third-party dashboards. With AutoROI, you get a crystal-clear view of your inventory’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions that significantly enhance your return on investment (ROI).

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The guessing game in automotive sales is officially over. Without AutoROI, dealers are left navigating the murky waters of gut instincts and semi-educated guesses, often misled by conflicting data from various platforms. AutoROI changes the game by providing a unified, objective analysis of your inventory’s digital footprint. Find out which vehicles are attracting the most attention (“digital tire kicks”) and which ones are lagging behind—all through a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Features and Benefits

  • Inventory Ranking: Our advanced algorithm ranks your inventory in an intuitive dashboard, offering deep insights into how your vehicles perform across all online listings. This feature empowers you to prioritize your sales strategy based on solid data.

  • Objective Analysis: Our commitment to objectivity means we stand apart from third-party platforms. AutoROI’s analyses are designed solely to maximize your inventory’s ROI, free from external agendas or biases.

  • Professional Advice: AutoROI combines the best of technology and human expertise. While our software automates the data analysis process, our industry experts provide personalized advice to further boost your ROI, keeping you informed of the latest industry trends and strategies.

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Dip your toes into the waters of AutoROI with our 3-Month Free Trial. Experience a snippet of our capabilities and discover the true value we can bring to your dealership.

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